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Frequently asked questions answered

What are the costs of Tracey?


Depending on your volume and the purchase of different products, a rate is applied per package that is tracked.

How many users can I create?


Based on a fair use policy, we use 10 users that are included in the system and in the costs per package.

My carrier is not listed, what now?


We add new carriers to the system every week. If it concerns an international carrier or a so-called "local hero", we add the carrier for free when you become a customer.

How long does it take to implement Tracey?


Depending on the systems that need to be linked, the implementation of Tracey can take half a day to several weeks. On average, the implementation lead time is one week. Where the requested input from our customers is an average of 1 hour implementation time.

Can I integrate Tracey into my own systems?


Yes, this is possible and we have several options available for this. We can provide you with a complete white label solution.