PAST - Shipping Intelligence

Evaluate the delivery performance of parcel carriers and find out where improvements can be made. Improve the delivery experience with data-driven choices.

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Business intelligence om vervoerdersprestaties te meten.Vervoerdersprestaties vergelijken met de benchmark.

Advanced analysis tools for better carrier performance

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View how your carriers have performed on components such as the number of delivery issues and delivery speed.

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Select the best carriers that fit your objective based on delivery data rather than gut feeling.

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Gain insight into the performance of your carriers compared to the benchmark and compare this with carriers that you are not yet using.

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Discover opportunities for improvement by filtering on areas, regions and service levels in order to optimally deploy your carriers.

Business intelligence om bezorgissues bij vervoerders te meten.

Work 37% more efficient in the customer service department

Benchmarking details

Make data-based choices in the selection of carriers

Tracey's Shipping Intelligence formula allows you to select carriers that match the internal objectives. This prevents unnecessary exchange costs and bad customer experiences in advance.

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User friendly

Insight without complex tools and graphs.

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High performance

View over a million records in a second.

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Doorlooptijd tot aan eerste bezorgpoging meten per vervoerder.