SendCloud is a European shipping tool for webshops

What can I do with the Sendcloud integration?

Via this integration you can easily connect Sendcloud to the Tracey system. As a result, order data comes in automatically and we can then request and analyze the shipment data from the carriers.

Available features

The following features are available when you connect Sendcloud to Tracey.

  • Measure carrier performance in terms of delivery speed and number of delivery issues
  • Automate your customer service processes
  • A clear dashboard containing all shipments from different carriers focused on exception management


With Tracey you get value from the delivery data of your parcel shipments. We do this by running analyzes for you and displaying status information clearly and uniformly in our products.

Added value Sendcloud integration

We provide uniform data analyzes for more than 50 parcel carriers. You can then use this data in our products to:

  • Proactively and automatically inform the recipient of delivery issues
  • Save precious time on customer service
  • Evaluate carriers on their performance and select the carrier that best suits you

How do I set up the integration?

In the Tracey application you can easily link your Sendcloud account within 15 minutes.


Once you have an account within Tracey, follow the next steps.

  • Create an API key for Tracey
  • In the Tracey application, go to settings and search for applications.
  • Enter the API key