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What does the combination of nShift and Tracey get me?

By using Tracey in addition to the nShift system, you automatically optimize your delivery process to the recipient. Tracey offers e-commerce parties the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction while saving costs. We do this by analyzing your delivery data, making it transparent and automating processes. With this standard connection, we pull order and shipping data from your nShift account and enable you to:

  • Evaluate carrier performance on a daily basis
  • Automate customer service processes
  • Automate customer notification of issues during delivery

The power of millions of parcel shipments

With the enormous amount of delivery data that Tracey collects and provides insight into on a daily basis, we help our customers to get the most out of their delivery process. Because we bundle our insights and data and make them available to you, you have the opportunity to see much more than just your own data. In combination with the use of nShift, this ensures a seamless experience from checkout to delivery to the recipient. Our e-commerce customers experience more peace of mind in the customer service department, with a higher degree of efficiency whereby the recipient is continuously informed, even when there are issues.

Boost your delivery process

With our standard integrations on customer service systems you can get started quickly while you always keep an overview of the communication towards the recipient. Experience the difference Tracey can make:

  • Get positive reviews even if something goes wrong during delivery
  • Up to 37% more efficient customer service processes
  • Evaluate and select carriers based on their performance


With Tracey you get value from the delivery data of your parcel shipments. We do this by running analyzes for you and displaying status information clearly and uniformly in our products.

Added value nShift integration

We provide uniform data analyzes for more than 50 parcel carriers. You can then use this data in our products to:

  • Proactively and automatically inform the recipient of delivery issues
  • Evaluate carriers on their performance and select the carrier that best suits you
  • Save precious time on customer service

How do I set up the integration?

In the Tracey application you can easily link your nShift account within 15 minutes.


Once you have an account within Tracey, follow the next steps.

  • Create a read-only user for Tracey
  • Go to settings in the Tracey application and search for applications
  • Enter your username and password