ENGINE - System Integrator

The core of Tracey is formed by the ENGINE, which connects all the different systems, makes translations and ensures that the data returns to your systems.

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Seamless integrations with different systems

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Available integrations with the most common webshop software such as Magento, Shopify and more.

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Customer Service

Available integrations with the most common customer service software such as Zendesk, Trengo and more.

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Available integrations with the most common TMS and WMS software such as Transsmart, Picqer and more.

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In addition to our standard integrations, we can also easily establish links with custom systems.

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Work 37% more efficiently in the customer service department

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Experience the efficiency of linked systems

With the ENGINE we ensure that the important information about parcel shipments ends up in the right place. We also make a translation so that the data from different carriers is uniform.

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Lower system costs

Thanks to the standardized links that Tracey maintains, you save valuable (IT) time and costs.

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Higher efficiency

The ENGINE provides real-time status updates from various carriers through a single webhook.

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