Retrieve tracking information from GLS via FTP

The GLS FTP, or Global Logistics Services FTP, is a tool that gives developers access to tracking data and other relevant information from the GLS logistics network. The API provides a convenient way for companies to track their shipments and monitor the progress of their deliveries in real time.

Why use the GLS FTP connection?

By using the GLS FTP connection, companies can streamline their logistics operations and improve the customer experience. The data connection provides updates on shipments, allowing companies to respond quickly to problems or delays. In addition, the connection can be integrated into existing systems, reducing the need for manual tracking by customer service.

Retrieving tracking data from Global Logistics Services

To retrieve tracking data with at GLS, you must have an account and obtain credentials. With these access credentials, you can then retrieve tracking data by searching for the appropriate files on the file server. You can retrieve information such as current shipment status, delivery location and delivery date.


The GLS data connection is a powerful tool for companies looking to streamline their logistics operations and provide a better customer experience. By using the FTP connection, companies can retrieve real-time tracking data and respond quickly to problems or delays.Note, it is easier to use an API to retrieve this data. With Tracey, you get instant access to tracking updates from more than 40 carriers through a single API. This saves you significantly in development time and you only need to maintain one data connection.

We also have an API available for Global Logistics systems, saving you the trouble of developing a complex infrastructure to retrieve these data points.

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