DHL Developer API

DHL is a leading logistics and courier service leader worldwide. To meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, DHL has made available its Developer API, a comprehensive platform that provides real-time tracking updates for shipments, as well as access to shipping rates and order management services.

Real-time Tracking

The DHL Developer API provides real-time tracking updates, so users are always aware of the status of their shipments. The API can be integrated into any system or platform, allowing users to easily track their shipments from anywhere at any time.

Access to Shipping Rates

In addition to tracking updates, the DHL Developer API also provides access to shipping rates, which facilitates comparison of shipping rates and enables customers to choose the most suitable option for their needs. Shipping rates are updated in real-time, so customers always receive the latest pricing information.

Order Management Services

The DHL Developer API also provides a range of order management services, including the ability to create shipping labels, print labels and track the status of shipments. This helps customers streamline their order management processes, reduce the time and effort required to manage shipments and enable them to focus on their core business activities.

Security and Reliability

DHL takes the security and reliability of its systems very seriously, and the Developer API is no exception. The API is built with industry-standard security protocols, and data sent via the API is encrypted to ensure that customer data is always protected. In addition, the API is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of requests, ensuring that customers always get the data they need, when they need it.

DHL trackingupdates via Tracey

Tracey is a service that provides real-time tracking updates for DHL shipments and 40 other carriers. Package shippers can use Tracey to automate their customer service processes, gain insight into carrier performance and optimize their entire delivery process. To use Tracey, you can create an account on and purchase the service. You can then configure Tracey to optimize the post-purchase experience. Once you've registered a shipment with DHL, you can use Tracey to receive real-time updates for that shipment, including updates on location, shipping status and more.

Tracey is an excellent replacement for the DHL Developer API to create a fully automated shipment tracking and management system. This so you don't have to take on the challenges of developing and managing a tracking API yourself.

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