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New integration between Tracey and Transsmart

Get more value out of your shipping data

By integrating Tracey's smart data tools to your Transsmart environment, you can now use your shipping data better than ever before! - With a setup of less than 15 minutes, every Transsmart user can now start with Tracey and use the following benefits.- And even better, you can even try this free for one month without obligation in exchange for your feedback.

Our smart algorithms predict delays more than 10 hours earlier with an accuracy of more than 95%. Improve communication with your customers and let them know what will actually happen with their shipment.

Our monitoring tool (Parcel Now) monitors all your outgoing shipments in real time. By linking it to your customer service software, you can immediately automate processes and remove operational costs. At the same time, you show your customers that, even if you are not a carrier, you have an overview and full control over all shipments.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had worked with a different carrier in the past year, month or week? Tracey not only provides insight into the performance of your own carriers, but also lets you compare it with other carriers from our extensive dataset. Useful information to optimize your logistics processes and in discussions with your carriers!

Sander Hak


Product manager and co-founder, within Tracey responsible for managing the development team and the release agenda of new features.