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New integration between Tracey and Picqer

Krijg inzicht en controle tijdens de bezorging door de koppeling met Picqer.

Advanced shipment tracking and analysis now available for Picqer customers

With the completed integration between Tracey and Picqer and Picqer e-fulfilment, it is now possible to easily access real-time monitoring of shipped parcels, carrier performance evaluation and AI-driven predictions for shipments and parcel carriers across Europe and the world.

Expanding the span of control with the delivery process

An important part for most parcel shippers is to extend their span of control beyond their warehouse, where everything is completely in their own control and can be traced. However, the moment a package leaves the warehouse and is handed over to a package carrier, this control is lost in most cases. While some e-fulfillment service providers and shippers have custom software to increase visibility, we face a high level of maintenance and update costs as developing package tracking and analytics software is not the core business of these companies. With Tracey, these companies now get a standardized way to assess the performance of different carriers and track issues in near real-time, then add predictions to go even beyond parcel carrier events. ‍

Optimizing the parcel shipping process

Optimizing the shipping process starts with determining what is the most important factor for you and your customers. Therefore, evaluations are made to focus on fastest transit times, least number of exceptions or costs. Tracey's business intelligence visuals help Picqer customers select the best carrier per country based on what is important to them. In fact, if the shipper itself does not have the details of certain carriers, Tracey provides benchmarking data to evaluate the carrier selection.

Ecommerce customer service automation

Picqer customers have the option to automate certain processes related to shipment exceptions and the communication process to customers and carriers. The integration with Zendesk customer service was mentioned earlier, but integrations with Trengo and Freshdesk are also possible. Interested?

Sander Hak


Product manager and co-founder, within Tracey responsible for managing the development team and the release agenda of new features.