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ECC Sprint Europe and Tracey Expand Collaboration

ECC Sprint Europe (ECC) has broken open and renewed the contract with Tracey.

ECC Sprint Europe (ECC) has broken open and renewed the contract with Tracey. Where Tracey's data tools were initially used in its own operation, they are now also integrated in SHIPSMART: its own shipping solution, which is also available to third parties.

Smarter design of customer service and logistics processes

During the first meeting it soon became clear that the rapid pace at which ECC was growing was also accompanied by increasing pressure on its customer service. A lack of capacity and a good system led to a lot of manual work and issues that were noticed and dealt with too late.

‍In the spring of 2021, the collaboration between the two parties started with a link to the Tracey monitoring system (Parcel Now): this immediately provides insight into issues in the delivery. In addition, Tracey actively participates in the selection process for a suitable customer service solution for further professionalization in this area.

‍Last year was characterized by continued rapid growth for ECC: volumes doubled and the number of warehouses in South Limburg was expanded to three. These developments also increase the need for insight into the performance of the various carriers with which the company works.

New modules

Since June, ECC has therefore opted to also purchase the Parcel Past and Next module from Tracey. These modules ensure, among other things, that both ECC and its customers work data-driven in their choice of carriers and the assessment of their delivery performance (Past). They also benefit from the smart predictions that Tracey offers and helps to manage expectations around delivery (Next).

Huib Adriaans, one of the founders of Tracey, is delighted: “Of course we are happy to continue and expand our collaboration in this way. As relatively young, but fast-growing companies, it is good to follow developments on both sides. In addition, there is regular contact between us and we try to help each other move forward in various areas.”

Integration into own shipping solution

One of these developments is the integration of Tracey in its own shipping solution: SHIPSMART. While this solution initially functioned as an IT system for ECC's internal operations, it is now also offered to third parties in the market. The system offers senders the opportunity to easily create labels and send packages, taking advantage of the favorable rates offered by ECC. The various Tracey modules are now also part of SHIPSMART, giving users access to up-to-date tracking information and reports.

ECC founder Bryan Hoogkamer explains: “Tracey's products contain various features that we would like to offer to our customers. With this integration we save ourselves a lot of development work and therefore time. In addition, Tracey has a number of unique elements, which we would also find difficult to build ourselves. So you have to be smart and collaborate with specialists in this field.”

It also shows the versatility of Tracey's data solutions, says Sander Hak, product manager within Tracey and co-founder: “It's great to see that our products are not only used by ECC itself, but can also be used as a white label in this way. become. In this way we add our intelligence to SHIPSMART in a smart way and the users of this system can also benefit directly from this. A win-win for everyone!”

About ECC Sprint Europe

ECC Sprint Europe is an e-fulfillment specialist that was founded in 2018 as E-Commerce Center Europe. Due to the strategic location of its warehouses in Heerlen, ECC can offer same & next day delivery for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. The company now serves more than 100 customers with 500,000 orders per year.

Last year, the English Sprint Logistics took an interest in the company, so that it now operates under the name ECC Sprint Europe and can use a network of 6 different warehouses in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

About Tracey

Tracey is a Dutch data company founded in 2019 to help parcel shippers get more value from their shipping data.

The company has developed its own unique Parcel Engine that can be easily linked to ERP, WMS, DMS and webshop systems to read, process and analyze shipping data from carriers. These AI-driven analytics include carrier performance monitoring and benchmarking, near-real-time monitoring, and notifications and predictions of irregularities during parcel delivery.

All Tracey products help to provide an optimal delivery experience through carrier selection, customer service automation, shipment monitoring and forecasting delays and irregularities.

Huib Adriaans