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AI startup Tracey raises growth money

Het Nederlands databedrijf Tracey heeft een seed-investering opgehaald.

“Getting value from your data as a parcel shipper with smart tools”

Eindhoven/Venlo, 25 May 2022

The Dutch data company Tracey has raised a seed investment. With this investment, the startup will market its latest AI-based products and accelerate growth in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tracey focuses on the - often unused - shipping data of senders. Huib Adriaans, one of the founders: “Most shippers are fully focused on processing all their orders, leaving the shipping data unused. While it is precisely in that data that there is great value. We bring that value to the surface with data science and artificial intelligence (AI).

The growth of e-commerce has led to a huge increase in the number of packages shipped in recent years. With corona as the last push in the back. “Due to these recent market developments, momentum is high,” says Adriaans. “When it comes to shipping data, there is a world to win. This investment comes at the right time and we are very pleased with the confidence and support of the partners to bring our products to market.”

New products

With Tracey's smart solutions, shippers are now able, among other things, to provide insight into and compare the performance and possibilities of carriers. In addition, the company is launching a new module to quickly and accurately predict delays in the delivery process.

Growth money completes financing round

The investment round was led by the Limburg Technology Investment Fund (LTIF) in collaboration with two business angels from IT and logistics. The investment completes a total seed financing of €600,000, after the company previously received the Rabo Innovation Loan.

About LTIF

Limburg Technology Investment Fund is an early-stage investment fund founded in 2020. The fund invests in startups from Southeast Netherlands with a focus on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Huib Adriaans